Cool Science Links

The following links are interesting earth science sites I've found. If a link doesn't work anymore or if you found one you think should be on the list, please contact me!



  • Experience the Planets Awesome images of our planets. Be sure to read the "about the ETP project" link first.
  • Space Weather Not just weather but also news about our solar system. Great for current events!
  • The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D An excellent Youtube video explaining what the Hubble Space Telescope took pictures of. This won't play on a school computer!
  • Anatomy of a Black Hole Animation of how black holes form and what might happen if you traveled through one.


  • Crown Weather Services A good hurricane update resource with details about current storms, maps to show their paths, and data.
  • Intellicast Displays our country's current radar and includes links to many different types of weather maps.
  • Weather Underground In my opinion, a better weather forecaster than the Weather Channel.


Environmental Science

  • Ecokids Yes, it is a Canadian website for Canadian students. But it's about saving our planet and making it a better, greener place, no matter what your nationality.

Other Links

  • Science Daily A great science news website. If you use it for current events extra credit, check that the subject of the article is Earth Science appropriate!
  • Wordle You'll notice a lot of websites (including this one!) have word, or tag clouds. This site can help you create cool looking clouds based on whatever words you like.
  • Picnik A really fun photo editing website.
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